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Cosmetics focused on skin and mind

Nurturing the mind-body relationship since 2010


Vered Back

33 years of experience in holistic modalities and in the wellness industry. Master herbalist, aromatherapist, esthetician and artisanal perfumer, Vered.

From Tel Aviv to New York and newly recolated in Florida, Vered introduces her clients and customers to the fascinating world of botanicals extracts, gives them access to some of the rarest and exquisite herbs and spices that will not only show wonders to their skin, but also provide emotional improvement.

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The story behind Vered Organic Botanicals

The impact of the limbic system on skin

Topical skincare products tackle skin issues on a superficial level: what stands Vered Organic Botanicals apart is that it also takes into consideration the state of the limbic system which plays a pivotal role in our overal health. Every organ and system in our body are interconnected. Beautiful skin comes with a balanced body and an appeased mind.

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Mastering the use of essential oils

Emphasizing and honoring the power of plants

Botanical extracts and essential oils, when aptly formulated, are agents of magic.

Essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory anti-spasmodic, antioxidant and a natural anti-depressant! They can, in varying ways, be stimulating and sedating. Some essential oils have the ability to work as hormones that help to bring balance to many physiological systems of the human body. The molecular structure of essential oils are relatively small, enhancing the ability to penetrate into the cells.

Also the fragrance of essential oils can directly effect your emotional state and your lifespan – the limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control our emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels and hormone balance. Those aromas can also enhance the libido and sexual arousal by stimulating the emotional center of the brain.

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"Essential oils have a very high frequency. The frequency of rose essential oil has been measured at 320 MHz (the highest). Lavender is 118 MHz. Positive thoughts raises frequency by 10 MHz. Prayer raises frequency levels by 15 MHz. Negative thoughts lower our the frequency by 12 MHz. Essential oils are one of the great, untapped resources of the world."

A unique fusion of pure ingredients designed to make you feel vibrant and in tune with your own body.

Science tell us that every single cell in our body holds a vibrational frequency, like nature, so do our bodies. It’s why we feel recharged when we are near waterfalls, forests, mountains, and the ocean.

Our pure ingredients curated with care also contain these high frequencies which, when crafted with intention, can optimize and elevate the health of your whole body and mind.

At Vered Organic Botanicals, we pair beautiful uplifting and sensual aromas to products crafted to deliver noticeable results.

This impassioned curation came after Vered's drive to find answers during her own healing journey, amassing years of study and research she acquired along the way.

Vered created a product line that would beautify, rejuvenate and improve her clients overall well-being in a way that only a master herbalist, esthetician, and artisanal perfumer can.

Over time, toxins, poor diet, excess EMF exposure, stress and aging lowers the immune system leading to dysfunction of the body and mind.

Artifical fragrances and certain ingredients found in conventional perfumes and beauty products can contain toxins and impurities that seep into the blood stream via the skin and through our air pathways which over time accumulate and may contribute to an array of various health issues.

When our cellular building blocks aren’t functioning optimally, entire systems such as the brain, nervous system, skeletal muscle, respiratory, and GI cannot function properly.

By supplying the body with healthy conditions and high-quality ingredients, you will be able to better support, heal, and regenerate your whole body and immune system.

Herbs, Flowers, Spices & Roots

All our plants are certified organic, biodynamic, hand selected from the finest farmers who provide us with the most fresh, vibrant, colorful, and fragrant species available. All of the herbs are ethically sourced. All the plant extracts are created by Vered Back, in-house and made purely with the whole plant. There are no chemicals involved in this process from start to end. All the plants are extracted in carrier oils that are cold-pressed and unrefined.

Carrier Oils

All of our oils are certified organic cold-pressed and unrefined. There are no solvents, hexane, or alcohol extractions in the manufacturing process. Cold-pressed is the method of extraction that is extracted at a low heat of 80-90 F. Unrefined means only screen filtering involved without additional refining. That way the oil retains all of its’ health benefits and is rich in color and strong flavor that is true to its natural state.

Essential Oils

All of our essential oils are certified organic therapeutic-grade produced by the steam distillation. The citrus peel oils are produced through cold-pressed methods, some are wild-crafted and are ethically sourced. Ethically wild-crafted means that it’s harvested in a responsible manner that allows the plant to regenerate and grow back each year. If a wild-crafted plant like sandalwood is not ethically wild-crafted you risk threatening the life and growing cycle of the plant in that region, possibly forever. Essentials oils are my favorite method, I’ve been working with them for 27 years, and that’s why I feel very comfortable using them in a higher percentage than most do for a better results.

Aromatherapy has the ability to balance the health of the body, mind and spirit. The oils can stimulate, causing an increase of energy, induce relaxation, or reduce the effects of depression and stress

No compromises on quality ingredients

The products are made with the highest quality organic herbs, plant oils, and therapeutic essential oils. All products are made in small batches and are manufactured in Florida

Facials and consultations in Florida.

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After over 2 decades of experience as a facialist, Vered has re-opened a cosy spot where she can treat your skin using the Vered protocol: a holistic approach encompassing not just skin health but also emotional wellbeing. She will also guide you on (re)-creating your own ritual at home.

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