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Saying no to ageism: celebrating women at any decade: meet Ryan Haddon

As a holistic beauty founder and facialist, I have stripped “anti-aging” from my vocabulary.
Growing older is a privilege and a blessing: as time goes by, we become wiser, often more tender, more empathetic, more attuned to our inner needs and more authentic. The pressure of fitting in, of pleasing others grudgingly becomes a distant memory, and less of a reality.

Energy is ageless.
The aura you radiate is ageless.
Joy is ageless.

Time reveals our inner beauty, and it’s been an honor to formulate products that nourish, soothe and magnify mature skin.
Vibrant and healthy skin is undoubtedly compatible with aging. I am fortunate to be surrounded by amazing women, and it's undeniable that years are not taking away their beauty, quite the opposite, they anchor their unique beauty.
My wish is for younger generations to understand this as soon as possible, to spend more time pursuing their dreams, living authentically, boldly, freely, joyfully, and worry less about a desperate quest for a wrinkle-free skin. A quest which often comes at the expense of their overall health, both mentally and physically.
To live is to transform. Therefore, here’s to a skin that transforms because it does not take away its vibrancy, life and energy.


 Pictures: courtesy of Ryan Haddon


Today, I wanted to celebrate and introduce you to one of my one of my beloved and loyal clients, Ryan Haddon (her website here) is a prime example of beauty, grace and wisdom. Someone I cherish and admire. A woman filled with vitalty, joy, intelligence, curiosity and who never ceases to reinvent herself and recenter to align with her values. Her inner beauty shines out.


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Let me know if you'd like me to turn this into a series, featuring more phenomenal and amazing women like Ryan. At Vered Organic Botanicals, we strive to honor you throughout your journey in every step of your life. You are always worthy to feel vibrant, healthy, respected, and loved. Age is an agent of change, not an obstacle. Things only get better, so let's say goodbye to limiting beliefs and reckless "beauty standards" set up by certain brands, people and medias.

With love,


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