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The secret for a successful pampering ritual!

Our Face care bundle (shop here) is the ultimate pamper kit: whether you're looking to have a complete face care routine in one, or you wish to gift something to a special someone, this kit is a must-have as bundle comprises our all-star products to treat mature skin with all the love and care it deserves. And scroll down until the end to get 20% off on the bundle!


The face care bundle is the combination that repairs, protects, and rejuvenates the skin. Meet the glow-getters:






Cleanse and tone with the herb-infused toner.


For dry or/and mature skin, over-cleansing is a no-go. It’s stripping which can lead to this unpleasant feeling of tightness. I formulate my products intending to keep the skin in firm and nourished condition, regardless the age.

Did you know that the Herb-infused toner doubles as a cleanser? It is hydrating and refreshing at the same time, thus treating skin elasticity whilst also soothing inflamed conditions. Some of its key ingredients are:


  • Horsetail Extract is rich in collagen-producing silica and neutralizes redness caused by allergies and sensitivities as it lightly moisturizes, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and calm.
  • Hibiscus Flowers provide a brilliant scarlet color, are extremely high in Vitamin C, rich in antioxidants and AHAs, and naturally tone and protect against premature aging.
  • Chickweed helps eliminate blemish-causing bacteria and balances even the most problematic skin.
  • Sage delivers astringent-like tannins to regulate sweat production and prevent further blemishes. It also contains a large quantity of antioxidants that can help reverse the signs of aging.


For the delicate eye area, the Essential Eye treatment oil s a Vogue favorite and one of our best-sellers since the beginning.

Exit eye creams (a good face cream is enough!), our eye elixir comes in a handy roll-on bottle, making it TSA-friendly but also easy to carry everywhere with you for a touch-up. Under eye looks instantly nourished and brighter. Its formula has been created to diminish fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. Perfect for dry, mature, sensitive, and UV-damaged skin.

Contains a powerhouse of antioxidants, collagen- and elastin-boosting herbs & oils


  • Rosehip, Pumpkin, and Carrot Seed Oils deliver a potent cocktail of dark circle-banishing Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.
  • Coffee bean is a potent antioxidant that helps protect the skin from sun damage. It increases blood flow. Can rebuild cell formation and DNA damage. Fights against photo-aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Kills dead skin cells, removes impurities and makes skin smoother and brighter.
  • Marshmallow Root Extract and silica-rich, collagen-boosting Horsetail repair the delicate eye area's tissue particularly when collagen loss has caused the under-eye area to appear hollow.
  • Fennel offers a wealth of benefits and is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Its cooling and soothing properties are capable of providing instant relief to puffy eyes, preventing cell damage, delaying the onset of dark spots and wrinkles, and preventing water retention.



    Vitality face treatment oil for an instantly revitalized complexion. Vitality no longer needs an introduction, it’s one of the most popular products for many reasons. It absorbs quickly and instantly revives dry and/or mature skin for a radiant, soft, and plump complexion. It contains stimulating warm and fresh notes of coffee bean, rose, and orange, and the aroma itself could be bottled as a perfume. The scent provides genuine aromatherapeutic benefits and my clients repeatedly ask me to never discontinue it. It’s not a regular face oil, it’s an elevated take on it as it's rich in healing oils and plant extracts to nourish the skin.

    Some of the key ingredients are:


    • Vanilla Beans have natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties, which may calm irritated skin, provide protection from environmental pollutants and toxins, and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals, such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. They’re also a good source of B vitamins including Niacin, Thiamin, B6, which play an important role in the maintenance of healthy skin. Helps slow down signs of aging. A natural anti-inflammatory that also smells amazing with its warm, sweet, and rich notes that are shown to lift the mood and calm the mind.
    • Rose Otto is an intoxicating full-bodied scent resplendent with warm, deep, floral tones mixed with citrusy, slightly peppery undertones. Rose is often referred to as “the queen of flowers” and has long been recognized for its romantic persuasion as it is a heart and crown opener. Both uplifting and stimulating to the mind, it’s long been used as a potent aphrodisiac. Rose Otto refines the skin texture which aids in combating aging and dry skin. It makes it especially beneficial for dry, mature, and sensitive skin. It enhances natural skin glow and radiance. It helps with superficial broken capillaries and scars as well as eczema and rosacea.



    Last but not least, the delightful Cacao Vanilla beauty mask


    A treat for the skin. Any cocoa lover has to give this one a try. It’s revitalizing. The reason I have not formulated an « exfoliant » per se, is precisely because the Cacao Vanilla beauty mask provides gentle exfoliation, thus boosting microcirculation for rosy and soft skin. This avoids over-exfoliation which I stay away from and this simplifies your beauty routine.

    In addition to promoting skin cell renewal, Cacao Vanilla has hydrating and antioxidant-protecting benefits. Some of the key ingredients are : 

      • Cocoa Powder protects cells from oxidation and premature aging. Protects and repairs skin damage from premature aging.
      • Tamanu Oil promotes new healthy cell growth. Antimicrobial that prevents sun damage and wrinkles.
      • Sandalwood reduces wrinkles and signs of premature aging. Heals dry skin and enhances skin brightness. Exfoliates the skin.
      • Marshmallow Root is a natural hydrator that helps repair the skin barrier. Mild anti-inflammatory and skin protectant.


      I am also sharing with you my facial protocol using all the aforementioned products. When purchasing this kit, you can re-create your own Vered Organic Botanicals spa ritual at home.


                   Face care bundle




      The VOB at-home spa protocol:


      The aromatic sensory aspect of this routine is working simultaneously on calming the mind. Take a minute to inhale the aroma of each product before application, and for the oils rub a couple of drops in between your hands and inhale deeply. 


      Use the herb-infused toner on a cotton pad to tone, rebalance, soothe, and take any excess oil that may be left behind.

      It is a gentle tonic packed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 


      Follow up with a pump of Vitality Face Treatment Oil into the palms of the hands and rub together. Inhale deeply to gather the aromatherapeutic benefits of Vitality. Then massage onto the skin, neck, and décolletage. 


      For the application of the Cacao Vanilla Beauty Mask, moisten the face beforehand with a damp towel and apply the magic mixture to your skin. Leave on for 7-10 minutes and then thoroughly remove with water or a damp towel. 


      Dispense a small amount of the Essential Eye Treatment Oil around the eye area, then use a few pumps of Vitality Face Treatment Oil and massage well onto the skin for the final hydrating step. 



      This is why I love the bundles : you have a full routine sorted.



      To end this post on a super high note: the code "mother20", it gives you 20% off on your order, including the bundles! Code is active until May 12 included.


      Hurry up, quantities are limited for this spa session in a box, order it (here).



      Love and gratitude,




      All Vered Organic Botanicals products are certified organic, with wild-crafted plant oils & herbs. 100% pure organic essential oils. Vegan. Non-GMO. Free of synthetics & harsh chemicals



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