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Our Valentine’s Day routine for delighted senses, and vibrant, luscious skin!

vered organic botanicals rose otto


V like Vered, v like vibrancy, v like versatile, v like Violet (as enjoyed in our Blue Violet perfume), V like vitality, but also, v like Valentine's Day!
While some may perceive this day as a commercial one: for indie businesses, Valentine’s Day is an occasion to share a message that is at the core of what we do: celebrating passion and love, including self-love. Running an eco-luxe and ethical skincare company is not for the faint of heart, and as a woman entrepreneur, I need to remind myself to make time for myself too. I believe any occasion to celebrate love should be taken. The world needs more love.


Therefore, I'll share with you a special Valentine's Day routine to pamper yourself or your beloved.


Divinité Scent Eau de Parfum

Since it's crucial to maintain the body and mind in harmony, I cannot stress enough the importance of scents. To get you in a delightful mood, apply a couple of drops of perfume on the inner of your wrists, neck, and décolletage. My holistic perfumes were created to provide genuine pleasure and comfort. No endocrine disruptors in my formulas. Perfumes should improve your well-being not compromise it! For this special occasion, our Divinité perfume is remarkable. It adds a boost of confidence for you to reveal and unleash the goddess that you are.


For silky soft legs, arms and neck, Signature Scent luxury body oil applied on damp skin will keep your skin impeccably nourished. A sultry combination of rose, jasmine, and amber with the brightness of orange blossom. It is sensual yet not overpowering. Rose essential oil has the highest frequency and is bursting with astounding properties: Rose otto is known to encourage self-love and has a balancing and healing effect on the heart chakra.


Another Valentine’s Day treat would be the Cacao Vanilla beauty mask: our decadent and antioxidant-rich revitalising mask that nourishes, stimulates and gently exfoliates. It Increases micro-circulation leaving your skin rosy and soft. Did I mention its intoxicating cacao aroma? It was not dubbed “dessert for your face” by our clients for nothing :)


For an extra boost of hydration throughout the day, generously spritz some Floral and herbal garden mist on your hair, face, and body. Our most recent launch adapts to our collection and you can mix it with the cacao mask, or our body oil for better absorption, you can use it on its own to refresh your skin and senses. The aroma itself with top notes or jasmine and rose will keep you grounded and nurture this feeling of self-love.


Last but not least, to keep those frequencies high, reach for our Sacred Love oil. The beauty of sacred Love oil resides in its versatility: used as an aphrodisiac perfume, or/and intimate oil, several clients even reported that it soothed their headaches, so you will be pleasantly surprised by this tiny but mighty bottle. A small drop with maximum potency, it will find its unique way to your needs, adapting to each energy it is interacting with.



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May your day (and year!) be filled with love, warmth and tenderness!
With love,

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